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4LTR Press

4LTR Press Online allows students to study how and when they want. Online allows easy exploration of the content anywhere — including on a smartphone! Using the innovative StudyBoard, students can collect notes and StudyBits throughout the product and can leverage a series of tags and filters to organize and personalize their study time.


Now in MindTap! Bongo uses the power of digital video to engage students in and outside of class. Bongo facilitates a variety of oral communication activities through robust sharing, feedback, and grading options.

Cengage Global Health Watch

Provides thousands of trusted health sources, is updated daily, and is searchable by topic or key word, making it easy to find the most current news related to health.


Through personalized paths of dynamic assignments and applications, MindTap is a digital learning solution that turns cookie cutter into cutting edge, apathy into engagement, and memorizers into higher-level thinkers.

Cengage Nowv2

that is similar to what students will experience on the exam and in the real-world. Compelling content at each stage of the learning process improves student learning outcomes. CengageNOWv2 offers pre-class activities, practice opportunities that prepare students for exams, and innovative tools that help students master course content.

Cengage OWLv2

Developed by teaching chemists, OWLv2 is the most powerful learning system for Chemistry. It is the only online homework system that allows students to work on a problem until they master the concept, changing the values, chemicals and even the wording of the question with each attempt. With detailed feedback, interactive learning modules, and text-specific problems for review and practice. OWLv2 helps students move beyond memorization and stay motivated to learn. Coming June 2019, select titles will have enhanced OWLv2 courses to provide intentional, targeted guidance with a wider range of quality feedback, point-of-use remediation and streamlined course templates.

Cengage SAM

SAM , an engaging and interactive online learning environment, transforms students into Microsoft Office and computer concept masters. Students observe, practice, then actively apply their new skills live in the application. And the benefits don’t just stop at students. Instructors save time and energy with auto-graded assignments and flexible reporting tools.


WebAssign is more robust than ever to enhance your teaching experience and help you elevate students’ thinking. WebAssign for Physics offers superior content that helps students learn problem-solving and criti-cal-thinking skills. Through book-specific tutorials and unique pre-lecture modules that emphasize conceptual learning, WebAssign engages students and helps them develop a deeper understanding of course concepts in Physics. 

Cloud Labs 3.0

Virtual Security Cloud Labs 3.0 are the only hands-on virtual labs available to offer your students a fully immersive IT infrastructure. Students can test their skills with realistic security scenarios in a safe learning environment.


Cengage Testing Powered by Cognero is a flexible, online system that allows you to author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage solutions. Create multiple test versions in an instant, and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom or wherever you want.


An interactive, online learning solution available in over 15 disciplines that increases student effort and engagement, minimizing instructor time spent on manual grading and class administration.

Diet & Wellness Plus

Making the practical applications of Nutrition course work relevant in their own lives, Diet & Wellness Plus allows students to track their diet and physical activity and analyze the nutritional value of the food they eat both to reach personal health goals and gain a better understanding of how nutrition impacts their lives.


By providing the missing link between content acquisition and final prose, EssayJack helps students put their ideas in the right place, in the right way. Taking a scaffolding approach, EssayJack breaks down the writing process into manageable pieces, helping students build their confidence as writers.


InQuizitive is an adaptive quizzing tool that combines interactive question types with game-like elements to engage students. Instructors most often assign InQuizitive activities as homework before lecture to ensure students come prepared to class.

Jones & Bartlett Learning

Jones & Bartlett Learning is a world-leading provider of instructional, assessment, and learning-performance management solutions for the secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets. Our comprehensive print and digital solutions combine authoritative content with innovative technology to help educators teach more effectively and students learn more efficiently.

Minute School

Minute School and is an engaging way to keep students learning wherever they are. The app and web-based program provides practice questions for students, written by experts in the subject. Available with all Intro titles.


Möbius is a robust digital courseware and assessment plat-form powered by DigitalEd for courses in STEM disciplines. Instructors can customize every detail of their course materials and have control of sophisticated algorithmic randomization capabilities. Students can learn, study, complete assessments and get instant answer-specific feedback anytime, anywhere. With Möbius, students have access to their e-book, quizzes, flashcards, assessments, interactive labelling activities, animations, and videos to help reinforce their knowledge. Built in HTML5 means that students no longer have to feel restricted in choosing which mobile device they want to study with. Möbius was built with the digital-native user in mind and continues to promote clean designs, and simple, user-friendly experiences.

Möbius Courseware

requirements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Möbius Courseware provides powerful analytics that enable you to measure both student understanding and the effectiveness of your learning materials.

Navigate 2

With Navigate 2,technology and content combine to expand the reach of the classroom further. Whether taught in online, on-ground, or hybrid courses, Navigate 2 offers unbeatable value with mobile-ready course materials, such as a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting tools.


NelsonStudy brings course concepts to life with engaging and interactive learning tools, including self-study practice quizzes, videos, interactive exercises, and more. 


Praxar Accounting replaces pen and Excel simulations that are often programmed in Principles of Accounting or Bookkeeping courses. Praxar Accounting simulation guides students through the accounting cycle for a given period of time. Students take on the role of an accountant and cover the operations of a rock climbing service and commercial business for an initial period of one month that can be repeated for consecutive months.


QUESTIA is a powerful research tool available 24/7 that offers your students a ‘one-stop shop’ for conducting high-quality academic research. Questia provides access to a wealth of more than 6 million quality, citable journal, newspaper and magazine articles and over 70,000 online books from reputable commercial and academic presses. Questia can be used in conjunction with all Nelson and Cengage Learning titles.

SAGE edge

Instructor and student online tools and resources for course preparation, study and further exploration are included - FREE.

Sage Vantage

SAGE Vantage is an intuitive digital platform that blends trusted SAGE content with auto-graded assignments, all carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. Built with you and your students in mind, it offers easy course set-up and enables students to better prepare for class.


Smartwork5 is an engaging , interactive, online assessment platform that helps students succeed and saves instructors time. Instructors can assign students homework with interactive, customizable questions and rich feedback that guides students as they learn. Smartwork 5 can be accessed stand-alone or integrated with your campus learning management system.